Marketing Consultancy

Let us take your marketing to new places, and realise great results. Outsourcing your marketing strategy may not feel instinctive, but a fresh perspective from an experienced marketer may be exactly what you need. When you consult with us, we work closely with you to recommend strategy rooted in what you want to achieve, your current position, and what your budget is.

We work with companies to define marketing strategy, provide marketing skills training, and develop company branding.

It is common, particularly in SMEs that may not have a dedicated marketing department or experienced marketers, for a company’s marketing to be tactics without strategy or strategy without reason. As a busy enterprise, you may have found yourself in a forest/trees situation, where you are executing but not achieving results. Maybe you are unsure where to start with marketing, or you have just not been prioritising it. Enlisting our professional help can get you on track.

A strong marketing plan is composed of three components, each built on the foundation of the previous: Audit, Strategy, Tactics.


Marketing Audit & Strategy

The consultancy process begins with getting to know you. We’ll meet for an initial consultation and dig into who you are as a company, what you want to achieve, what marketing you’ve been doing and what you think has and hasn’t been working.

Your marketing audit and strategy recommendations will be provided to you as a report, which we will go over with you in a further meeting.

The audit will analyse your:

  • current marketing and outcomes
  • audience, who your market is and if you are reaching them
  • positioning & competitors

Insights will be gained from quantitative and qualitative sources, such as your Google Analytics, social media tools, and primary and secondary research as indicated.

You will receive all the analysis and conclusions of the audit, giving a detailed and a succinct overview of where you are. The recommended strategy, based in the findings of the audit and the initial consultation, will suggest where you go next. Your strategy will come with SMART objectives, and metrics against which to appraise.

If you want to know more about the auditing and strategy process, speak to us about consultancy.


Marketing Implementation Training

The next stage from strategy is tactics,the planning and execution of your marketing calendar. If you need help moving to implement your strategy, we offer marketing provision training to equip your company to affect your strategy.

Where specialisms, particularly within the digital marketing arena, are necessitated by your strategy, and you’ve no in-house provision, we’ve providers to meet your needs. We also offer Campaign Management services, that support your business to deliver an effective campaign.

Got a lot to learn? Find out what we can teach you.


Branding or Rebranding

Your brand is who your company is, your unique set of values. An effective brand communicates confidence and passion for what you do. Great branding is consistent across your company and communicates your identity in all mediums, to you, your employees, and your customers.

If you are a new company, or a company looking to refresh, through brand consultancy we will assist you to define who your company is and develop a brand strategy that speaks it.

Brand consultancy will evaluate and recommend on:

  • Values and ethos; vision and mission statements
  • Language; slogan(s), tone of communications
  • Visual branding; logos, colour schemes, fonts, graphic and photo styles
  • Consistency of all elements
  • Company brand policies and employee guidance

If you’re great at what you do but you’re not sure you’re conveying it, we’ll have a look.