Campaign Management

Own a campaign that captivates. Bring in a proficient Campaign Manager to create and oversee your marketing project. Marketing needs fluctuate, because external influences, seasonality of your product or service, budget fluctuations, staff changes, and other factors can all create pressures on your marketing and affect your activities.

When you are most stretched, it may not be ideal to be recruiting or training a temp. Often it is hard to find the competence needed to manage a marketing campaign, available immediately and in a short-term capacity.

Instead of hiring a temp or stretching your team, you could contract an experienced marketer to work on your campaign in-house or remotely for part-time hours as required by the project. You may have found yourself in need of a short-term extra marketing manager because you:

  • are preparing to launch your company or a new product
  • have a seasonal marketing campaign you need creating and/or managing
  • want to maximise attendance and coverage for an upcoming event
  • have some other type of push campaign
  • you have found yourself temporarily short-staffed
  • want to try something different

Whether you need assistance with the creation of your campaign or solely management of it, contracting from Pink Bee is a great way to acquire a short-term Marketing Manager. We’ve extensive experience of successful short-to-medium term marketing projects that hit targets. Discover somebody that can hit the ground running.


Event Management

Events create a big increase in skills and time demand, especially if you are inexperienced in organising them. Outsourcing your event management is a great way to ensure your event goes off with a bang, and you reap the benefits rather than the stresses.

Pink Bee’s event management experience includes conferences, both organising the conference and exhibiting at them, mass participation events, receptions, seminars, webinars, and excursions.

If you’d like to discuss how you can put your campaign in the hands of somebody with experience of producing successful campaign and organising large events, ask about our track record.